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Use of pellets for heating aviaries


The poultry sector is one of the fastest growing in Brazil, currently the largest exporter of poultry and the third largest in the world’s chicken production. The thermal comfort inside the poultry facilities are very important for a good production. HVAC becomes a solution to reduce the variability of the production chain as a whole. […]

Biomass, solution, energy and economy!


Biomass is an organic material used in energy production. The most used biomasses are: firewood, sugarcane bagasse, pellets, briquettes, rice hulls and others. Biomass is the main element of several new types of fuels and energy sources such as bio-oil, biogas, BTL and biodiesel. The use of biomass as a source of energy can offer […]

Who we are?


Hello! It’s good to have you here! Already know our company? With almost 35 years of experience, IB Caldogno was born from the dream of engineer Ivo Darcy Busetto to bring cutting-edge products and services to the city of Erechim-RS and throughout Brazil. Our business is fully connected with ECONOMY. With this in mind, our […]