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Caldogno town with 11,500 inhabitants belonging to Vicenza Province, the birthplace of Antonio Busetto, sculptor of religious art.

With courses in Torin (Italy) and Buenos Aires (Argentina). Emigrated to Argentina in 1910 and after the Brazil (Antonio Prado). In the 30s he moved to Erechim.

In 1983 the engineer Ivo Darcy Busetto started the activities of a company that was proposing to bring products / services to Erechim cutting edge and region.


Developing integrated systems for water heating, steam and air industries, laundries, hotels, motels, hospitals, slaughterhouses, dairies, homes, condos, pizzerias, bakeries, etc.

We manufacture furnaces generate heat for drying in Biomass systems such as sugarcane bagasse, sawdust, shavings, chips, elephant grass, leftover crops, disposal of refrigerators and tanning in general.


Act as a leading edge company, with a focus on renewable energy, highlighting the multitude of benefits of using biomass in order to meet the expectations of our customers, valuing our employees and the expectations of society.


Move toward the growth of the company, constantly creating alternatives in our product line that provide quality, efficiency and profitability, combined with sustainability.


Respect for the client
Commitment to our obligations
Ethics above other interests
Initiative before problems
Innovation as a source of inspiration
Environmental awareness for the maintenance of life


Feasibility and Environmental Preservation
Economy and ecology are two areas that have never been as close as it is nowadays. Despite the crisis in the financial markets, countries around the world has never looked so great in the last 20 years as economic growth, accompanied by a dramatic increase in world population, which has reached more than 6 billion people. "
The words of the executive secretary of the Ministry of Environment of Germany, Matthias Machnig, said during the Congress Ecogerma 2009, reflected the urgency assigned by scientists, policy makers and entrepreneurs to search for sustainable technologies and solutions to reduce the effects of climate change on world.

Economic Ecology
"Everything indicates that, once the crisis is over, the global population and economic growth will continue. This leads us to conclude that ecology is the economy of the 21st century Green technologies will be one of the biggest drivers of economic recovery in the coming years," said conference on Greening the economy: innovation as a key to sustainable development.